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Long Tom Cannon
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Long Tom Miniature Scale Cannon

Creusot guns

Anglo-Boer War 1899 - 1902

Scale 1:16


Carriage width: 133 mm

Carriage height: 127 mm

Barrel diameter: 29 mm

Barrel length: 268 mm

Barrel bore: 9 mm

Weight: 17 kg

Granite base: 475 mm x 200 mm

Limited Edition: 50

Historical information

Manufactured by the Schneider Company at Le Creusot, Belgium in 1897, the "Long Tom" had a maximum range of 9000 metres and a calibre of 155mm. Four "Long Toms", which were also referred to as Creusot guns, were sent to South Africa to be erected at forts around Pretoria but were withdrawn and sent to the Boer fronts at the start of the Anglo Boer War. The cannons were drawn from one battlefield to the next by a span of oxen, which proved a slow and tedious task resulting in British cavalry outrunning the transportation of the guns by the Boers.

To ensure that a "Long Tom" never fell into British hands, the Boers destroyed each gun when they could no longer outmaneuver the swiftly approaching British forces. One of the "Long Toms" was damaged by enemy fire at Ladysmith and had the front piece of its barrel removed and a new breech block added in Pretoria. This gun, being shorter than the rest, became known as the "Jew."

After the war, pieces of the guns were collected and a canon was assembled and sent to England as a souvenir. However, a need for steel during the First World War necessitated the cannon being melted down.

To this day there are no drawings for the "Long Tom" as the factory where it was made was completely destroyed during the Second World War. The only drawings that remain are the side views that came with the guns manual. There are very few pieces remaining of the original guns. Four replicas of "Long Toms" exist in South Africa and are displayed in KwaZulu Natal and the Free State.

About the model

An intricate and beautifully handcrafted piece in stainless steel and brass, this piece is a perfect complement to its counterpart Long Cecil.

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