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7 Pounder RML British Field Artillery Cannon
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7 Pounder RML Cannon

British Field Artillery

Period: French Revolutionary Wars & Napoleonic Wars 1793 

Scale  1:6


Overall Length: 480mm

Overall Height: 227 mm

Carriage width: 315 mm

Carriage height: 227 mm

Barrel diameter: 31 mm

Barrel length: 185 mm

Barrel bore: 12.7 mm

Weight: 2.9 kg

Limited edition:

50 of each combination

Historical information

The 7pr RML is also known as the Kaffarian Gun. It was designed for use in the Eastern Cape of South Africa in an area known as Kaffaria. This is the region from East London stretching 200km inland as far as Queenstown.  It is here that the British came into contact with the Xhosa nation who were being driven south by the Zulu's who ruled Natal with an iron fist.

The terrain here is hilly with long grass, thorn trees and bush. The British needed a small, agile piece of artillery that could cope with the environment and was not too heavy to transport.

The ranges at which it was to be employed would generally be short.  The 7pr. RML mountain gun fitted the bill but the wheelbase was too narrow for the wagon tracks that served as roads in the region.

The 7 pounder mountain carriage was easily upset on these wagon track as its wheels were small and it could also be needed where the grass was tall. (not making sense, please fix) The 9 pounder RML barrel weighed over 1000 pounds and was too heavy but the wheelbase was suitable so it was decided to mount a 7 pounder weighing 200lbs onto the 9 pounder carriage.  And so the 7 pounder RML called the Kaffarian Gun came into being.  Below is a copy of correspondence sourced while doing research at the Arsenal at Woolwich.

This gun served well in the Eastern Cape and was later used against the Zulu's when Britain decided to take control of Zululand in 1879. It was here that 2 x 7 pounder RML mountain guns participated at the Battle of Isandlwana where despite their superior firepower they were overrun.  It was here that with superior numbers of more than 20 000 Zulu's, armed mainly with traditional shield, spears and old rifles, that over 1 300 British soldiers were killed leading to the biggest British defeat in a colonial war in British history. 

Cetswayo's orders were that no RED Coat must live and that day none did and the British suffered the biggest defeat ever in it colonial wars and lost 1000 or so soldiers. 

About the model

The model in my private collection is made from bronze castings and Burmese teak.   

Coming soon is the Sterling Silver 7 pounder RML.

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